About Us

! You can contact us via email at csbr@mailworks.org. If you're submitting a report correction, please include a link to your report, or the report number shown with your entry.

The registry has these two goals...

  • To provide a public forum for the distribution of information about stolen bicycles, in the hope that bicycles can be returned to their owners, and that resale of listed stolen bicycles will be more difficult.
  • To provide analysis of bicycle theft data, in the form of statistics and maps, to identify high risk factors for bicycle theft.

The Stolen Bike Registry was originally conceived of by Howard, and diligently maintained by hand for almost two years, from 2004 to 2006.

In September 2006 Paul developed an automated system based on the Drupal content management system to help streamline the submission and publication of theft reports. Since 2010 Kevin and Howard have been handling day-to-day operations Joined by Tom in 2013, and since 2012 Justin has been assisting with technical operation with Paul's support.

As we continue to gather more reports, we'll be developing more tools for analysis, and continually improving the system. Please visit often!