Raleigh M20 Silver


2456 W Waveland Ave.
Chicago , IL
United States

Date of Theft

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 5:30pm

Basic Bike Info

Bicycle Type: 
Mountain Bike
Condition of Bicycle / Distinguishing Features: 
The gears are starting to rust but has a brand new chain in it. The rusty gears made it difficult to shift gears. The back gear shifter is slightly off-center (very slightly). It also had a basket attachment on the front handle bars, a broken light fixture in the front (no light just the plastic attachment), and a removable mud guard on attached to the seat for the rear wheel. It has a blue diamond-shaped sticker on the frame (I don't remember the number) to indicate that I was allowed to park in my former apartment complex, Eugenie Terrace.The seat was tearing at the in several places. The picture attached is exactly model of the bike but is not my bike. I do not have any images of my personal bike or receipts because it was a handed-me-down, but it looks exactly like this picture!

Owner Information

Owner Name: 
Sabrina Lee
Contact Email: 
Email hidden by Chicago Stolen Bike Registry. Contact the CSBR staff to email the owner.
Contact Phone Number: 

Lock Information

How was the lock defeated?: 
Not locked.
Lock Type: 
No Lock
What was the bike locked to?: 
Bike not locked.
How was the bike locked?: 
Not locked.

Incident Description

Which type of area was your bike stolen from?: 
Porch or yard.
How long was the bike locked in this location?: 
60 minutes
Incident Description: 
Likely someone took it off the front porch.

Recovery Information

Recovery Notes: 
This bike was recovered: