Ibis Hakkalugi


2410 w grace st
chicago , IL
United States

Date of Theft

Sunday, April 3, 2022 - 4:45pm

Basic Bike Info

Bicycle Type: 
Other (describe in detail below)
Serial No.: 
Phlem Yellow
Condition of Bicycle / Distinguishing Features: 
2010 cyclocross frame. Easton tubulars with pdx installed. Well loved and raced. Classic "handjob" cantilever brakes. When it was stolen it was covered in mud and had my race bib (288) still on it.

Owner Information

Owner Name: 
Trisha Kurtz
Contact Email: 
trishmk23 (at) gmail.com
Contact Phone Number: 
Police Report No.: 

Lock Information

How was the lock defeated?: 
Not locked.
Lock Type: 
No Lock
What was the bike locked to?: 
Bike not locked.
How was the bike locked?: 
Not locked.

Incident Description

Which type of area was your bike stolen from?: 
Porch or yard.
How long was the bike locked in this location?: 
It wasn't locked. I leaned it for a minute to get the hose a few feet away.
Incident Description: 
Leaned on a pillar in my locked back patio area of my apt complex. Stepped away to grab a hose and it was gone. Noticed the gate was unlocked even though I locked it behind me. Assuming someone hopped the fence.

Recovery Information

Recovery Notes: 
This bike was recovered: